Care After Surgery


Follow-Up Visits and Blood Tests

Unlike many surgeons, I prefer to do my own monthly follow-ups with my patients. I reserve special time in my weekly schedule to be used for telephone and in-office follow-ups. I feel that this ongoing communication fosters a stronger relationship between me and my patients. I have found that developing a personal understanding of my patients' strengths, weaknesses, family situation and lifestyle enables me to better help them navigate the rough spots and assist them in their post-operative journey. I have also been told by patients that they feel that they are more compliant when they know they will have to answer to me once a month!

I always love to see my patients in the office, but knowing that this isn't possible for those who came from other states or countries for the surgery, telephone follow-ups are a big part of my office schedule. All patients are expected to have a visit with me once a month for the first year, whether in person or by phone. You are then expected to have appointments every 2-4 months during the second year, and then AT LEAST YEARLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It is every patient's responsibility to ensure that they adhere to this lifetime commitment. DO NOT rely on your regular doctor to manage you as a surgical patient in the long term. You MUST be under the care of a bariatric surgeon for the rest of your life. 

Blood Testing is performed at months one, three, six, nine and twelve, then yearly thereafter. This testing may be performed at any lab, with results faxed to me. You will be provided with all of the lab sheets you need for the first year, so you don't have to worry about remembering or looking up what tests to have. I then provide my patients with yearly lab sheets for future testing. 


Remember that a very important component of your success is attendance at a support group. Patients who attend are generally more successful and are typically able to adopt healthy patterns of living that do indeed last a lifetime. If you don't have a support group in your area, contact us about facilitating a group of your own in your hometown!