Gastric Bypass Follow-Up Form


Making the Most of Your Appointments

It seems that time is at a premium for all of us! In an effort to make the most use of your time with Dr. Ellner, please print the Gastric Bypass Follow-Up Form, fill it out in its entirety, and fax it to Dr. Ellner’s office (619-286-7867) 24 hours before your telephone follow-up appointment, or bring it with you to your in-office appointment. Doing so will avoid you spending precious time filling out the form in the office when you could be visiting with Dr. Ellner. This is especially convenient for patients who are out of town. It avoids spending time having Dr. Ellner ask you the questions over the phone, which is time better spent addressing your issues!

Having the form all filled out, in Dr. Ellner's hands at the start of your appointment will allow her to focus on what you need to talk about, spending your whole appointment time on your personal needs.