Vitamins and Protein Supplements


Where to Buy

Many patients prefer the convenience of one-stop shopping, where you can obtain all necessary vitamins at one place. For this reason, I stock the favorite flavors of all of the vitamins that you will need after surgery. I don't stock all of the flavors of chewables - only the ones that my patients enjoy. My patients determine which products I keep on hand for them and this has worked out well.

If you are from out of town and you have to buy vitamins online, the two companies that I recommend are and I try to keep the prices in the office the same as online, so you save shipping costs. But if you have to buy elsewhere, please obtain them from a reputable bariatric company, not over the counter.

Please note that I do NOT recommend either the Matrix protein drink from Bariatric Advantage, OR the Chike protein supplement from Celebrate. The carbohydrate content in both of these drinks exceeds the maximum recommended amounts for my patients.


Protein Supplements

Popular protein drinks:

Premier Protein Shakes (vanilla and strawberry ONLY) and other protein powders are available at Costco

Nutrimart carries Isopure, which is a thin, fruity ready made drink. This is one of the favorites! The location on Navajo Road in San Diego, about 10 minutes from the office, will give you a discount for being an Ellner Bariatric patient! has various protein powders and protein shots; carries Jay Robb protein powders, also available at

Henry's and Fred Meyers stores also carry Jay Robb's products as well. NOTE that stock varies in different store locations!

Flavorless powdered protein is available from,  and Many patients find that this is a good alternative if they want to put protein in their herbal tea, crystal light, or food products.

Nectar protein supplement is available from Bariatric Advantage. Please note that I do not recommend any of the other protein products from this site, as they tend to be directed toward body builders, but the Nectar is appropriate and popular amongst my patients. is a popular company that carries protein powders that fit the criteria. They have fruit flavors as well as chicken soup and unflavored powders.

Please remember to always take your vitamins and protein supplements in a timely manner and ensure that all of your supplements meet the guidelines outlined in your Toolkit.