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Making the Final Choice

Many patients ask me if they will have a lot of skin left after bypass/band surgery. "Will I have to get plastic surgery?" is one of the most common questions that I hear.

The answer is that there are many factors that play into how much, if any, extra skin a person has after they lose weight. If a patient loses weight in an unhealthy manner, starving themselves on a diet while not maintaining adequate nutrition, and at the same time lowering their metabolism,  they're likely to have problems with excess skin. Conversely, if a patient follows appropriate nutritional guidelines, exercises effectively (this means getting the most out of your work-out), and raises their metabolism in the process, they're much less likley to have extra skin.

The fact is that while gastic bypass sometimes leads to weight loss that occurs faster than the skin can keep up, the skin continues to shrink and tighten for a year or so after the weight loss stops... as long as the patient stays hydrated, exercises well, takes their vitamins, etc. It is for this reason that I advise my patients to not undergo any skin removal until they are about 2 years out of surgery. The majority of my patients don't get plastic surgery after their weight loss, but for those who do, I advise that they get two or three consultations with plastic/reconstructive surgeons before making their final choice.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is a process that deserves careful time and consideration. Ensure that you choose someone who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. If you are looking for reconstruction after bypass or banding surgery, find a surgeon with extensive experience in that specific field. Remember- just because a surgeon can take 15 years off of you with a facelift, or perform a beautiful cleft lip repair in an underserved country, it doesn't mean that they will do a good job with your tummy tuck or breast reconstruction.

Make a list of questions before you go to your consultation and make sure that they are all answered to your satisfaction. Many surgeons have their own opinion as to the specifics of how the procedure(s) should be performed. It is important to understand the reasons for their preferences, as information about different products and techniques will help you make the decision that is best for you. A good plastic surgeon will explain the details to you, share his/her experience and patients' experiences with you. You need to feel comfortable and confident that your surgeon is listening to you and understands your expectations. You, too, need to understand your surgeon's expectations. Once you two are on the same page, it's time to move ahead.

I have the pleasure of referring my patients to a few select surgeons in San Diego. I have seen their work over the years and have discussed their care, outcomes and bedside manner with my patients. I  recommend all of them to my patients, and would trust any one of them with the care of my loved ones. Their contact information is below.




Dr. Brian J. Reagan     Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh
Dr. Brian J. Reagan     Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh
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