Virtual Support Groups


Ellner Bariatric offers online support to all of Dr Ellner's patients, using a private Facebook page, which is only viewable by the members, thus keeping it confidential. You must be invited in order to see the group and participate. In order to join, you must 

1) Go to the main public Fb page "Ellner Bariatric Patients"

2) Find Christine Cyman in Dr Ellner's friends

3) Send Christine a private message stating that you would like to join the Secret Support Group

Christine will verify with Dr Ellner that you are indeed her patient. Once you have been verified as a patient of hers, Christine will send you the invitation to join. Because this is a confidential group, it is only open to Dr Ellner's patients. 

It's that easy. In this group, you will be able to chat with all members, pre and post op.

Zoom meetings for Newbies and Veterans: 

In addition to the daily discussion on Fb, we have two Zoom meetings per month- one for Newbies and one for Veterans who are further out of surgery. Please join the discussion!