Massage by Jay


A Reward for Yourself and Your Support Team

There are a few people in certain professions, when once encountered in life, one should go to any length to maintain a relationship with: an honest mechanic; a plumber who will answer his phone on weekends; and a great massage therapist. These people are worth their weight in gold and have the ability to make our lives ones of comfort and security, relieving anguish, stress and tension.

I have personally had both good and bad experiences with each of these professions, and while I am still searching for the mechanic and I am learning to do my own plumbing, I have at last found a massage therapist who can be described as nothing short of phenomenal. Jay DeGuzman is not only incredibly skilled at his craft, but he is compassionate, available and enjoys treating my patients… at an unbelievably reasonable price.

Having my own set of aches, pains, tension headaches, etc., I can personally attest to the benefits of massage. The abuse that our bodies are subjected to on a daily basis is enough to justify regular massage, but it becomes particularly beneficial when one undergoes surgery. Many of my patients come in for surgery with aching backs, joints, necks, legs… and no matter how much care is provided to them while in the hospital, the fact of the matter is that people have to lay on an operating table, spend more time than usual in bed for a couple of days and are generally a bit sore after surgery. Massage before and/or after surgery can ease this experience for many of my patients. It can help increase mobility after surgery, which in turn, decreases the risk of other complications. It can also decrease blood pressure, relieve tension headaches and migraines and improve circulation in the limbs.

Jay is not affiliated with me in any financial or business capacity so I recommend him only because he is, in my mind, the perfect choice for someone who wants to receive a massage in the peri-operative period. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and has had rave reviews from people whom I’ve sent to him for their very first massage.

Jay has his own specialized massage table that is equipped for my patients’ size, and he will go to your home, hotel, etc to provide his services. He will listen to your concerns and work with you to customize your treatment to your needs, bearing in mind your safety, especially if you are only a few days past your surgery. He can employ the body support system to perform massage with you in a side-lying position, which is especially important right after surgery, and focus on your specific issues.

Don't neglect your support system. Remember that accompanying a loved one through the surgical process is extremely stressful. Arranging for a massage for this friend/family member is a marvelous way to say "Thank You!"


If you wish to discuss concerns with him, or to schedule an appointment, you may call him at   619-855-0862.

Here’s a tip: If you do desire to make an appointment, I recommend that you do so in advance, as he is very popular and his calendar tends to fill quickly.

Julie Ellner, M.D.

Julie Ellner, M.D.