Sharp Memorial, Scripps Mercy and Alvarado Hospitals, San Diego, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla


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Sharp Memorial Hospital
Sharp Memorial Hospital

When you make the decision to undergo Bariatric surgery, you need to take great care to select a surgeon whom you trust. You must have full confidence, both professionally and personally, in this individual. But in making this important choice, you must bear in mind that your surgeon has specific hospital affiliations. The experience and quality of the hospital program and personnel are just as important as the surgeon whom you choose. It is estimated that in the average 3 day hospital stay in the U.S., fifty to seventy five people participate in one way or another in your care. Each of these people can alter your medical outcome in a positive or negative way.

My experience at Sharp was top-notch. Dr. Ellner was the most professional and caring doctor I could have asked for, and the nursing staff was excellent - so attentive and knowledgeable, which really made me feel comfortable. Everything was explained to me very well and I had very clear instructions for when I went home. I would definitely recommend Sharp, and especially Dr. Ellner, for anyone considering bariatric surgery!
-Patient Sarah

On a personal level, patients suffering from obesity are too often treated like second class citizens, even in healthcare. This disheartening but true fact needs to be included in the decision making process. In order to deliver the best medical care, the hospital personnel must understand obesity as the disease that it is, be empathetic and put their heart into their work. The staff at Sharp Memorial, Alvarado and Scripps Mercy and Scripps Memorial Hospitals strive to create an environment of patient comfort, confidence and ease at all times. 

My experience at Sharp Memorial was fantastic! The nurses were so patient and understanding with me. They constantly checked on me and gave me all the time I needed during my walks. I had such great care that I almost wanted to stay an extra day!
-Patient Christine



I have centralized my practice at hospitals where my patients receive the very best medical care, with higher than average success rates and lower than average complication rates. But more than that, my patients deserve to enjoy close parking, private rooms and easy access to a comfortable, hassle free facility which is tailored to their specific needs AND where they will be treated only with kindness and understanding. My patients deserve to go to top notch facilities where I would send my own family.

Sharp Memorial Hospital, Scripps Mercy, Scripps Memorial and Alvarado Hospital all fit the bill. These four hospitals have helped me maintain not only my patients' satisfaction, but my 20+ year zero mortality rate. 

What's So Special?

Sharp Memorial Hospital is a place where everyone focuses on making this large facility emanate warmth and caring. All who enter the sparkling lobby are met by the concierge, wearing a smile and offering a glass of infused water while offering help to every visitor. The piano is played by numerous virtuosos who lend a feeling of calm elegance as the notes resonate through the halls. Take your time in the lobby  - the photos and stories on the walls read like a museum of medical history in San Diego. A coffee lounge is available to guests and visitors, alongside the meditation garden where fresh air and solitude await you. Yes, those are fresh baked cookies that you smell - complimentary for visitors after 5pm. 

The patient rooms on the bariatric floor at Sharp Memorial are some of the largest I've seen in any hospital unit. Every room has a sofa that folds out to a bed, to accomodate a guest or family member who wishes to spend the night alongside the patient. The hallways are wide and quiet, the bathrooms spacious and the rooms are airy and designed for comfort. One of my patients told me that she thought she had been placed in the VIP Suite, until she realized during one of her walks through the halls that every room was as big as hers.

The Bariatric Surgery program at Sharp Memorial Hospital is proud of the level of nursing training, and rightly so. According to the Program Director, Sharp Memorial has the largest number of Certified Bariatric Nurses in one facility in the country!

Scripps Memorial Hospital
Scripps Memorial Hospital

Scripps Memorial Hospital is one of the fastest growing hospitals in San Diego County. The endowments for this hospital help ensure that the patients are cared for in a spectacular setting. My bariatric patients rest among the amenities of the beautiful Prebys Pavilion as they recover from their surgery. The spacious, quiet rooms are sunny and bright. My patients enjoy attentive, detail-oriented nursing care, while I take advantage of top notch facilities and instruments in the operating room. The operating room personnel are kind and very patient-oriented, as my patients have reported. Many patients who come to me for bariatric surgery have been Scripps patients for years and have a very personal attachment to this truly lovely facility.

alvarado hospital
Alvarado Hospital

Alvarado Hospital has hosted a hugely successful bariatric program since the mid 1980's. It has the longest history in the world of caring for patients who have had the laparoscopic gastric bypass. The very first such case in the world was performed right at Alvarado. It was at Alvarado where I did my first case, becoming the world's first female to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass. Alvarado was one of the first teaching institutions for bariatric surgery. We taught hundreds of surgeons from across the globe how to perform the surgery and how to care for patients afterward. Alvarado Hospital has been used as a "model" to set up other Bariatric Surgery programs across the country and worldwide.

I recently discovered this small hospital when a physician with whom I have worked for many years began to practice here. I was surprised at what a small and friendly place it is. Unfortunately I have required a number of surgeries in my life, most of them performed at large and prestigious Ivy League institutions. What a delight to find a small and intimate place where everything is easy and people are so friendly and professional. Like a boutique hospital, where things that take endless hours elsewhere are done effortlessly and in a few minutes. The level of care was also exemplary. Thank you Alvarado Hospital and all of the great staff there.
Patient Yelp Reviewer Describes His Experience at Alvarado Hospital.

My patients consistently comment on how knowledgeable and attentive the nurses are, but beyond that they describe a warm, at-home feeling amongst the walls of Alvarado Hospital. It is a small boutique hospital, easy to get around in and very user-friendly, where everyone from the transporters to the phlebotomists personally encourage my patients along their journey.


My patients remember the people who take care of them at Alvarado and they frequently visit the nursing unit in the months and years after their surgery to go back and say "Thank You" to the people who helped them change their lives. It's heartwarming to see that level of connection to caregivers.