The Day of Surgery


What to Expect

You must arrive a couple of hours before your scheduled operation. You will have been told in your Pre-Op Day exactly where to check in, which is dependent on the hospital you choose.  If you would like to bring a family member with you to keep you company during this time, you may do so. During this time, you will be answering the same questions from several different staff. Be patient, as this is for your safety – we check and double check all of our information with you so no mistakes are made. You will sign the operative consent, an IV will be started, antibiotics and blood thinners will be administered and you will put on your designer, one-of-a-kind, backless day wear. Actually, it’s a hospital gown.

You will meet your anesthesiologist and one of the nurses that will be in the room with you during your surgery. You may ask for anti-anxiety medication at this time if you so desire. We are very sensitive to the fact that this might be a scary time for many folks, so don’t be shy about asking for this.


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