The Toolkit & Exercise Log


Guides for You and Your Doctor

The “Toolkit” is an instructional manual that I provide to my patients and their primary doctors after their surgery. It is designed to assist patients who have scheduled surgery with me, to give them an idea of what to expect, etc., before coming to the clinic for their “Pre-Op Day”, and to serve as a guide with reminders for following the program after surgery. It is also a good source of information for people who are considering having gastric banding or gastric bypass surgery and wish to see what life would be like in my program.

It is important to understand that the contents of this instructional manual are geared toward patients who have had surgery by me, or who are entering my program. I am providing this information for these reasons only and I do wish to make it clear that it is not meant to be “instructional” for a patient from a different program. This is important to understand because each surgeon does the respective operations a little differently and the post-operative programs are very different. What is safe and appropriate in one program isn't necessarily so in another. If you have undergone bariatric surgery, it is important to ask your surgeon about making any changes in your program before doing so.


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As part of your program, and in order to make the best use of your surgery, the right kind of exercise is essential. I will discuss any concerns that you may have in your initial consultation. Most of my patients have specific joint problems and sometimes this requires the assistance of a physical therapist to set up an exercise plan that is safe and reasonable for you. We will work through this together before your surgery, as it's important that you be able to meet the exercise level that is necessary to get the weight loss started and keep it coming off, while you're using your new pouch to help you with eating habits.


I will calculate your individual goal heart rate, and share it with you during your pre-operative consultation. It is important that you always monitor your heart rate, with a heart rate monitor, and ensure that your heart rate is at goal while doing the cardio portion of your exercise. You will find that your heart rate goes down with the same type of exercise as the weeks go by, which is an indication that you are getting into better shape! This boosts your metabolism and helps keep the weight coming off. Monitoring and reporting this during your follow-up visits with me is a critical part of maintaining the appropriate level of exericise for your fitness level as you progress. This ensures that you continue to reap the benefits of the time that you are taking out of your daily schedule to exercise. No one wants to be working hard in the gym and not see the benefit! Filling out the exercise log every week and faxing it to me before your monthly appointment allows the two of us to work as a team and customize your program as time goes by.


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