My Commitment to You


Your Care is my Primary Concern

The expertise, credibility and commitment of the surgeon whom you choose to perform your procedure directly impacts your success and your survival. Whether you choose the gastric bypass or the sleeve gastrectomy, or if you opt for the non-surgical Orbera gastric balloon, your choice of caregiver is an important one because it directly impacts your success! Thankfully, I find that most of my patients have spent countless days, weeks and months educating themselves before making their choice. I feel that when a patient spends that much time making the decision to place their trust in a specific surgeon, they should know exactly what they’re getting for their investment. After all, obesity is a lifetime disease and the procedures don’t cure it, they only provide a tool that helps the patient gain control. Your surgeon is your partner in teaching you how to use the tool, and helping you to continue to use it for the rest of your life.

Dr. Ellner with Gastric Bypass Surgery PatientThere are too many patients out there who have transferred their care to me after surgery, telling me that their surgeon was “too busy” to do appropriate follow-up, “dumped” them altogether or shuttled all of their care over to a lesser trained doctor, nurse or medical assistant. Sure, they were welcomed in my practice, but it shouldn’t have happened that way. A perfect operation does a patient little good in the long run if the patient regains weight because the surgeon doesn’t provide the proper follow-up care and education. I maintain time in my schedule each week that is specifically designated for ongoing patient follow-up, and my administrative meetings are worked around my patient’s needs – not the other way around. It turn, I expect my patients to make the time to do their follow up visits for the rest of their lives, and to follow my instructions. After all, this is your investment in yourself!

I balance my time between operating, caring for patients in the hospital, doing follow-up with patients who are days to years out of their surgery and customizing pre-surgical timelines and to-do lists for each individual patient before surgery. My duties as Medical Director involve the continual “polishing” of the inner workings of the program and the evaluation of any and all complications within the program, as well as teaching patients, staff and other physicians. Sure, it sounds like a lot of work and time, and it certainly is, but the outcome is well worth the effort. The result is that the program at Ellner Bariatric is very patient focused from top to bottom and my patients get the absolute best treatment available, in the most courteous, respectful and sensitive way possible. This is the goal that I hold for all the clinical and administrative decisions that I make each day.

My commitment is to provide very personal care for every patient, from the first encounter onward. Because the staff share this vision, you will always be greeted on the phone, at the reception desk and at your bedside with a smile from someone who is investing their time in your future. Everyone on the staff genuinely treats every patient with the care that they would provide for their own family. I would love it if every patient felt like they were the only one that I had to take care of. That certainly isn’t realistic on a practical level, but no matter how busy I may be, I never want my patients to feel rushed. The staff carry the same goal and employees are recognized and thrive on the positive impact they have on every individual patient. I have found that when people are applauded for their part in the end result, they do indeed put their best foot forward. The staff in my office work harder, put forth more genuine effort and take more joy in their relationships with patients than any I’ve worked with. Caring for our patients is much more than just a job, because we’re a team and a family, and each patient’s success is a reflection on everyone. Celebrating our patient’s success is a very personal event in our office!

My personal goal is to maintain the feeling amongst my patients that they got more than they expected. I have built my practice to reflect just that level of service. My patients get my very personal attention from the beginning of the process onward. When my patients tell me “The whole experience was so much better than I expected….” I know that everyone has been doing their job.

So my commitment to you is that I will provide my personal care throughout this process, and will do my best to ensure that each individual who participates in your care exceeds your expectations. You may turn to me with any issue and you can expect to have my full attention, respect and efforts. You will receive the best care available from a surgeon who has impeccable training and has dedicated her career to fighting obesity. In my office, you will be welcomed with a smile and treated like family by people who love their jobs and who have a personal investment in your success.