In The Operating Room


During Your Procedure

When the room is prepared for you, you will be taken, on a gurney, into the operating room. You might find that it is a little chilly, but we will bundle you up with blankets so you will be quite warm. The nurse will place a safety belt across your body, and pads and pillows may be placed underneath your legs. Your arms will be extended out from your sides and softly padded.

The anesthesiologist will give you IV medications that will make you drowsy and you will inhale oxygen and anesthetic gases that will make you drift off to sleep. Once you are asleep, a tube will be placed through your mouth, into your trachea (your windpipe) to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases to your lungs. A combination of IV and inhaled gases will keep you safe and asleep for the surgery. The tube will be removed as soon as you start to awaken, so you will likely have no recollection of its having been there at all.

Note for Orbera Balloon Patients: Those patients undergoing the Orbera balloon procedure generally do not require a breathing tube or a general anesthetic. This non-surgical procedure requires only an IV sedative, not a full anesthetic. These patients are expected to leave the facility to go home a couple of hours after their procedure. 





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