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Alice - Fairbanks, AK ( See more pictures of Alice here.)

Ifirst met Dr. Ellner at a seminar in Fairbanks, Alaska in January of 2004 and immediately wanted her to perform my surgery. After getting all the pre op requirements out of the way, I traveled to San Diego and spent more time with Dr. Ellner before my surgery. She is an incredible surgeon and person. Her empathy for the plight of the obese is obvious. She explained everything she would do in the surgery in great detail, answered even my most mundane questions Alice Before and After Gastric Bypass Surgery and spoke of long term goals and issues. She has a very down to earth attitude, a great sense of humor and speaks in terms a layman can understand. She is very genuine.

She was interested in me as a person. Her surgical knowledge and skill are tops in the field and her post op follow up and after care program are awesome.











She gave me a “tool” and also the knowledge to work with that tool, and yes it is hard work, that has made my weight loss a success. I have lost 160 of the 171 pounds that I want to lose, in one year, and I have regained my health which was steadily faltering. I would recommend no other surgeon than Dr. Ellner and I would do that with the highest praise.