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Bert - Anchorage, AK

Bert Dozark Before Gastric Banding SurgeryOver 20 years ago when I was about 70 pounds overweight, I tried to have gastric by-pass after everything else I had tried had failed. I would lose 40 lbs. only to gain back 50. first I developed High blood pressure and began taking meds for that. Then at 200 lbs. I was told I had diabetes. I was counseled for a diabetic diet, but still kept gaining about 10 pounds a year. Then I developed asthma somewhere along the way. So, more medication. The extra weight put so much stress on my knees I became unable to walk upstairs. (Pretty hard to do when you are a Realtor).

 I slept a total of about 3 hrs. a night.  When I was 64 and weighed 245 lbs. (I'm 5'1") I heard of a seminar that Dr. Ellner was giving in Anchorage.  My daughter and my husband agreed to attend with me.  I made my decision that night, but feared I was too old.  I talked with Dr. Ellner after the seminar and she assured me that I was not too old, but some tests had to be run.  That was in November 2005 and on January 16, I was in San Diego and had my surgery.  One of the pre tests was for Sleep Apnea and I had it bad. 

Bert Dozark After Gastric Banding Surgery

I was spending over $600  a month on meds and couldn't even walk around the block with my husband and our 2 little dogs.  After January 16, I never had to take another pill or prick my finger again.  Within a month I was walking a mile a day and climbing stairs again.  By my 66th birthday March 1,, 2006, I was walking 3 miles a day and doing a work-out routine at home.  By January 1, 2007 I had lost 115 lbs. and all my ailments were completely gone and I was feeling and ;doing 20+ years younger.  I am very energetic and most often work 6 or 7 days a week.  I play more too.  Take in all my grandchildren's sporting events and my husband even dance again.  Life is good.  Thanks to Dr. Ellner and Alvarado Hospital.
Bert Dozark After Surgery

Bert Dozark, CRS, GRI
Anchorage, AK
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