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Betty Lee - Patient and current support group leader

Patient Betty LeeI was a "chubby" child who turned into a fat teenager and adult. I dieted and lost weight - many, many times. And each time I lost, I regained much more. Before I retired, I worked hard at keeping my weight down. I tried just about all of the weight loss programs known to man (and woman). After all, I had to stand up in front of groups when giving training, so I had the incentive to keep trying. But, after I retired, it was all down hill. I reached my top weight of 245 pounds at 5ft. 2in. tall! I finally decided I couldn't walk very far without running out of breath, and I was very unhappy with myself.

Seven people in my family had had gastric bypass surgery, and all of them were doing very well. In early 2006, I decided it was time for me to have the surgery. I started my research and I found there were no surgeons in Yuma, AZ, who would perform the surgery. Dr. Ellner and Alvarado Hospital were highly recommended. On April 14, 2006, I had my life-changing surgery. On February 14, 2007, I reached my goal at 125 pounds, just 10 months after surgery!

My husband says not only do I look great, he can tell I like myself again. I can now play golf, walk several miles and do many things I had not attempted in several years.

When I think about the future, I realize I won't have to be fat again. Thank you, Dr. Ellner!

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