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Julie Hudson Before Lap Band SurgeryThe best decision I have ever made was to have gastric bypass surgery. I have been heavy all my life and have been on just about every diet imaginable. My weight would go down for a while then shoot back up even higher than it was before. I did not want to go to the gym for fear that everyone would just stare at me and wonder how long this fat girl would attempt work out. When I walked in the room I just knew everyone was thinking, “wow she is the biggest person in the room”. If I heard whispering I would assume they were talking about me. I wouldn’t go to an amusement park for fear that I would try and get on a ride only to be asked to get off because the bar won’t go over my stomach. Going out to eat I would make sure they did not seat us in chairs with sides or a small booth. Every day simple things that skinny people don’t even think about were on my mind 24/7. I wanted to live a normal, happy life. I wanted to be able to shop in any store and find something that looked good, not going straight to the “women’s” department and just getting anything that would go over my huge backside.

November 7, 2005 was the first day of my new life. The surgery went fine and I rested at home a few weeks before going back to work. I had huge support from my husband, friends and family, which is key for success. I started to work out at the gym as soon as Dr. Ellner said it was ok. I trained with a trainer for a few months just to get educated on what to do. The pounds just kept coming off and I went through so many sizes of clothes. I started at 256.5 pounds, size 22 and weigh 146 now wearing a size 10. I work out six days a week, two years ago you could never tell me that I would be doing that. Working out is so much easier when you are not lugging around extra pounds. I actually enjoy the gym and get annoyed if for some reason I can’t work out.

Julie Hudson After Lap Band Surgery

My life seems more fulfilled now. My relationship with my husband has bloomed. I am more active and want to get out there and live life, not hide in my house eating an entire bag of chips. Dr. Ellner and her staff are awesome!! I knew when I first met them that this was the right decision and the right doctor for me. I am happy to talk with anyone contemplating this surgery.