The Orbera Procedure


Losing Weight Without Surgery

Belly Balloon Doctor
Dr. Oz Interviews Balloon Patient
Dr. Oz Interviews Balloon Patient
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Placing the Balloon:

While the patient is asleep, the endoscope (fiber-optic camera) is guided from the mouth into the stomach where the surgeon checks for any abnormalities.  


How ORBERA Balloon Is
Inserted and Removed

The deflated balloon, which is attached to a separate flexible tube, is inserted via the same route into the stomach. The surgeon watches with the camera as the balloon is slowly filled with saline (saltwater) to about the size of a grapefruit.


The saline-filled balloon is disconnected from its tube. Both the balloon tube and the camera are removed and the balloon is left in the stomach.


Removing the Balloon


With the patient asleep, the endoscope is quided into the stomach, the same way as for an insertion. The balloon is visualized and deflated by puncturing it with a special needle designed for the Orbera balloon. After it is deflated, it is grasped and retrieved out through the mouth.