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Jay - San Diego, CA

Before Weight Loss Surgery


eing overweight for as long as I can remember, I really didn’t know how different life would be after Gastric Bypass. I contemplated for over a year while undergoing intense dieting to see if I could get things under control. There was minimal progress and my health began to get worse. Finally I decided to research gastric banding (lap band) and bypass surgeries. Dr. Ellner’s name came up several times. I decided to meet with her and get more information. The connection with her is what made me feel much more confident in my decision. I decided to go to a free weight loss surgery seminar that she was speaking at, and it was there I can say my light bulb moment happened. Seeing others who went through what I was thinking about doing and hearing not just success stories but even setbacks made things much more real for me. I decided to commit to the process for gastric bypass weight loss. I made sure that the support from my family was there and went full steam ahead. 140lbs later, I can honestly say that Dr. Ellner has given me the keys to my new life. Granted, I had to earn the weight loss by following everything that Dr. Ellner advised me to do. I think the personal relationship we as patients have with her and her staff is what makes a huge difference.  Along with your own commitment, change can seriously happen.  Feel free to reach out to me at  After Gastric Bypass Surgery