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Kathie Brown - Yuma, AZ

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Kathie After Gastric Bypass SurgeryIalways had problems with my weight, but really put it on with my first pregnancy and never really lost it.  Then I had my second child and became a stay at home Mom and things got worse.  My weight rose to almost 300 pounds.  I tried every diet there was – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, Dexatrim, and I even took diet pills prescribed for me by doctors wanting to help.

I resisted for years the idea of weight loss surgery because I thought I should be able to do it on my own. Obviously that wasn't going to work for me. When I went to theme parks with my husband and children and had to rent motorized scooters to get around because I couldn't walk to keep up with my family - I would get out of breath and my knees would hurt so much I couldn't walk - I finally decided it was time do have the surgery.

Once I made up my mind, it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders and meeting Dr. Ellner was the best day of my new life! As far as I'm concerned she saved my life. Many people have asked me if I had it to do over again, would I? Only if Dr. Ellner was my surgeon again.

You might have heard many gastric bypass patients talk about their surgery date as their re-birthday . it certainly was for me . October 8, 2002 was the day that changed my life forever! No more size 28 dresses for me. Now I can wear a size 12!

No more motorized scooters at the theme parks for me. Now I work out at the gym4-5 days a week lifting weights, doing cardio exercises and having fun. I can walk much greater distances although I did have to have surgery on my knee two summers ago. But let's talk about that . when I had my left knee done in 2000 my recovery was difficult. I had trouble getting around on crutches and didn't move well for weeks after the surgery. In 2004, what a difference - the day after the surgery I was barely using the crutches and 3 days later not using them at all. My recovery was so much easier. It's so nice to be a normal sized person again.

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