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Scott Before Bariatric SurgeryTalking to you about my prior weight and telling you about all the problems and issues I had would just be telling you what you already know. Let me tell you what type of a difference and impact that this WILL make on your life.

It has been 5 months since my surgery, I weighed in a 290 when I first called Dr. Ellner and now 5 month's out I weigh 198. To say that this surgery has changed my life would be the biggest understatement I would have ever made. This surgery gave me a new life, my old life seems like a movie I watched and is just sitting there in the back of my mind. How many times have you just laid there, thinking and praying that you would do or give anything for the chance of a new life, the chance to be normal. If you are like me you do that a lot.


Scott After Lap Bariatric Surgery

I was recently called something I thought I would never hear in my life. "Skinny" A term that even after seeing the results in others, I thought it would never or could never be used in reference to me. But it was. So just imagine, one day soon, glancing at a mirror and from the corner of your eye seeing a shape in the reflection and wishing that was you, telling yourself that is what I want to look like one day. Then realizing you are looking at Yourself! This happened to me over the weekend. Imagine instead of going around all the cars in a parking lot you walk between them and don't even have to turn sideways. People look and stare because of how good you look not how big you are. Going to a restaurant and it doesn't matter where they sit you. Here is a few of other things I noticed lately, I can touch my toes effortlessly. . . Cross my legs . . . work in the yard for a day or go for a long walk without any issues, my feet, back and legs don't hurt. Going to the store to buy clothes off any rack is just a little part of it now; I went from a 44 waist to a 32 waist in 5 month's. I laugh at times looking at the clothes I am buying and say this won't fit me, but it does.

So if you are wondering how I can put this into words so you can understand how much of a difference and impact this will make on your life, well I have thought a lot about that and I have come up with this, there are words that give it justice. But to try and sum it up for you, it is the equivalent of a new life, a new start and beginning that just makes you smile every time you think of it.

If there is anything you would like to know, just send me an e-mail, I can write back, talk to you over the phone, or meet for coffee. If you would like someone to be there for you through this I can help, just ask.

1 year after gastric bypass

I am 37 years old now, Or 1 in RNY years. I had my surgery on March 09, 2006. At my heaviest I was pushing the scales at 340 and I am 6'2". My waist was a 46 and my shirt was an xxl if I was lucky. Life was hard; my food disease was getting the best of me. Making me depressed at times and being an emotional eater just made things worse. Let's face it we didn't get this big because we don't have problems and issues. I love food. Always have and always will, it just doesn't run my life anymore, my world doesn't revolve around food anymore. If you ask me one thing I can tell you about this surgery here it is:
"Gastric Bypass surgery is the greatest tool in the life long fight of morbid obesity!"

Simple and to the point. It will still be hard, you will have good days and bad, you will fall off on occasion, but it is easier to get back on. You see changes in you body all the time. If you go to the gym (which I recommend) you will notice improvement right away. It gives you the motivation to continue. Plus you are joining a new family, a family that understands you, will be there for you and support you through this.

Most people that have addictive diseases (Alcohol or Drugs) have to give it up cold turkey to break their habit; we have to live with it every day of our lives!!!!

Where am I now you are thinking, Well how about 185, with a 30" waist and I wear Medium shirts. I can't believe it either. Don't get me wrong, it is still work, hard at times. But this surgery is the tool you pray for at night and wish will come your way. The help you want so dearly and the life you want back is knocking at your door. I waited two years to have the surgery because I was unsure. I regret the delay now because I know what this surgery did for me. It gave me my life back.

You can contact me anytime with any questions, and I will be there for you to help you though this, so if your worry is I can't do this alone, you won't!