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Hi, my name is Sheree Robinson. I first met Dr. Ellner in February, 2006 at a seminar in Fairbanks , Alaska . After meeting her I was determined to have HER be my surgeon no matter what. I felt this way because Dr. Ellner is just plain wonderful. While at the seminar I had someone tell me, “You don’t need this surgery, you look great!” (I guess I carried my extra 100 lbs well). Boy, does that not sound odd?

Sheree Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Let me take you back a bit: I was always told my family were “big boned” people. What does that mean exactly? If you were to look at a skeleton there is no such thing as big boned, just an excuse for many years of being over weight. I was always slightly obese (another good phrase) and when I got married soon after high school I started piling on the lbs faster than my body could handle. Add to that the weight gain of four babies over the next 8 years and I was just plain fat. Like others, I tried this diet and that gimmick and lost some, but always gained more back. I then went to weight watchers for the final time (notice I don’t tell you which time that was) but did succeed in losing 50 pounds. I was one of those people that said, “I don’t need that surgery, I want to eat what I want, when I want!” I soon figured out that once you went off the diet things changed and the weight came back on. I was also given a new medication the year my husband went to Iraq , and that made me gain as well. So there I was, “big boned” and then some. After awhile I got back on the diet horse and worked out so much it was crazy, and drank water like there was no tomorrow, but did not lose ANY weight. It was about this time I heard about the seminar and took my husband along for moral support.

Sheree After Gastric Bypass Surgery

After all the medical evaluations and paperwork were completed I was scheduled for surgery on April 18, 2006. I flew from Alaska to San Diego where a friend met me, and helped me through the surgery. Ten days later I was back home in Alaska already 20 pounds lighter. One month after returning to Alaska my family moved to Alabama , first stopping off in Texas for a month. Moving and stress during this period proved to be difficult to handle, but I was losing weight and doing well. I continued to take my vitamins and had my monthly (and very supportive) phone calls from Dr Ellner.

Sheree After Banding Surgery

It was a very sad day in April of this year when she told me that there was not to be another phone call until next year (I almost cried!) She was my best support, but I figured I was doing great and have accomplished so much since I have lost the weight that I was going to be ok. As of now I have lost a total of 98 pounds and 64 inches from my body. I am now in a size 3 or 4 which is a FAR cry from the 3X clothes I used to wear! I don’t plan on losing anymore weight and allow my body to tell me how to eat by weighing myself every day. I am 5 ft 1, 38 years old, and I have NO regrets at all regarding my decision to have gastric bypass surgery. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would, and do, recommend Dr. Ellner to everyone I know that is talking or thinking about having surgery. I love to talk to people about it and want to help others any way I can.

I'd be happy to chat with anyone who has questions. Feel free to email me at Best of luck to you all.