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Ellner Bariatric offers  support groups in San Diego, CA and Anchorage, AK. It is highly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning more about weight loss surgery attend the groups. All adult family members and friends are welcomed to attend. You are also welcomed to email any of the leaders with any questions that you might have.

San Diego, CA


Ellner Bariatric Support Group ( Schedule )

Our support group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, in the 1st floor classrooms of Alvarado Hospital, at 6 PM. 

Facilitated by co-chairs and patients, Christine Cyman and Scott Abrams,   this groups focuses on the emotional adjustments made after surgery. Patients discuss changes in relationships with family, friends, workmates and strangers and share strategies for success. Guest speakers focus on topics of interest, as determined by the desires of the group. Family members are welcomed to share their experiences alongside their loved one in the group setting, as everyone who has a close relationship with a patient is affected by the changes in the patient’s lifestyle, increased level of confidence, hightened self-esteem and receiving public compliments etc. Although the overall changes are very positive, they occur rapidly and it is worthwhile to share adjustment issues in a group setting.

Christine After Gastric Bypass Surgery Scott After Surgery
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This group is for Dr. Ellner's patients only, before and after surgery. For the safety of each patient, we encourage every patient to go to their own surgeon's group. For those who cannot attend their own surgeon's group, we advise "attending" online groups that are designed to be open to all.

You may email the leaders of the group at


Bert After Gastric Bypass Surgery
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Anchorage Support Group

This group is facilitated by Bert Dozark. They meet at the Calgary Church at 80th St and Jewel Lake Road, Anchorage, on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

Contact Bert: 907-441-6455,